frequently asked questions

If you are unable to find your answer please contact us today as we are here to help.
How long will it take to complete my order?


Allow 5-10 working days for us to convert your videos and audio.  The time can vary depending on the size of your job and our workload.  We can generally accommodate urgent jobs on request.

I don’t live near by can I post my items?


Yes, no matter where you live we can help.  We recommend sending your items via registered post.  When we receive it we will contact you to confirm/clarify your requirements.


I have an important tape that is old and fragile, what if it breaks?


There is no need to worry!  Unfortunately old tapes do break from time to time due to their age and condition. 


We have the facilities and experience to take care of this very situation, whether its a simple repair or repairing the whole tape, so your precious memories can live on.

Can I get multiple copies of my DVD or CD?


Yes, you can get as many copies as you would like.  Extra copies of DVD's are $8.00 each and CD's are $5.00 each.

Can you convert my camcorder HD/SD card to DVD?

Yes we can convert all the information from you camcorder hard drive and memory card to a DVD.

I ony want certain sections from my tapes can you help me?


Yes, we offer full editing so you can create and tailor the videos to your requirements. 


Can I have a photo printed on my DVD or CD?

Yes, we can print your choice of photo or you can ask us to design one for you.  We can also print a photo on the front and back of the DVD/CD cover.


Do you sell blank DVD/CD’s with my design printed?


Yes, we can provide you with high quality printing on blank discs.  Bulk orders are welcome.

Can you scan my old photos if I bring them in loose in a box?


Yes, we can scan your photos whether you provide them loose or still in the album.

My Slides are old and dusty will they be any good?


All slides are given a light brush and then go through our high end nikkon scanner.  Our scanning software removes dust spots and can make colour corrections when needed.


What format can you scan my photos/slides?


Our standard format is jpeg, however we can provide the saved format as tiff.  We are also able to provide a higher dpi quality if required.